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Join us and test IPv6, the new Internet access protocol. Compared to IPv4, address space grows from 232 to 2128 and comes with the following advantages:

  • easier addresses management
  • stress free auto configuration
  • optimized routing
  • better security

What is IPv6?

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the language that computers use to communicate with each other on the Internet; it works much like phone numbers, which let us connect one telephone to another.
IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol. The addresses used by the current version of the Internet Protocol, IPv4, are nearly all used. IPv6 is essential to the continued health and openness of the Internet - and that by allowing all devices on a network to talk to each other directly, IPv6 will enable innovation and allow the Internet to continue to grow.

Who can test the new protocol?

Right now, Digi Net Fiberlink customers can test IPv6 for internet access in the following cities: Arad, Bucharest, Baia Mare, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Timisoara, Iasi, Brasov, Predeal, Sibiu, Craiova, Targu Mures, Galati, Bacau, Braila, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Ramnicu-Valcea, Targu-Jiu, Cernavoda, Medgidia, Eforie Nord, Navodari, Murfatlar, Suceava, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Orsova, Resita, Pascani, Focsani, Lugoj, Deva, Hunedoara, Petrosani, Vaslui, Roman, Dej, Bistrita, Turda.

How to test IPv6?

Once IPv6 has been enabled customers are presented with a dual-stack configuration (each login has an IPv4 and an IPv6 address) so customers have native access to both the IPv4 and IPv6 Internet. All customers receive a dynamic /64 IPv6 prefix via DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation to be used behind the home gateway for the LAN.

What are the requirements for using IPv6?

In order to use IPv6 you will need:

  • a router that supports IPv6 PPPoE
  • Prefix Delegation via DHCPv6
  • to configure your own device

Broadband routers that support IPv6 and have been tested by us include:

- D-Link DIR-825 (firmware 2.05EU)
- Linksys E1500 (firmware 1.0.02)
- Linksys E2500 (firmware 1.0.03)
- Linksys E4200 (firmware 1.0.03)
- Draytek Vigor 2130n (firmware
- Cisco 800 Series (IOS 12.4)
- Juniper NetScreen SSG5 (ScreenOS 6.2)

IPv6 PPPoE support is also available in current versions of Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and most versions of Linux.

IPv6 content and sites

Here's a list of IPv6 content and sites:

- Test IPv6 (
- Google IPv6 (
- YouTube IPv6 (
- Facebook (
- SixXS IPv6 Cool Stuff (
- RIPE (
- Juniper (

Security alert

While the IPv6 protocol is not new, its global deployment is still at a relatively early stage.
It is important to appreciate that the use of IPv6 within RCS&RDS network effectively bypasses any firewall/security features in your existing router/firewall, by connecting your end system directly to the IPv6 Internet. IPv6 client system firewall software and security features are in relatively early stages of development for some end systems.

Do I have to pay for IPv6 access?

There are no extra fees for IPv6 access in RCS&RDS network.


If you need our help for testing the new protocol or any feedback you want to share about your experience, please contact us:

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